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Australian Adjustable Wrenches

The HTPAA Australian Tool Collection

Gallery of Australian Tools

Adjustable Wrenches - Shifters

The HTPAA Australian Collection has tools by a large number of Australian Manufacturers. The Collection has been assembled largely by donation with some careful purchases of selected items. The Association thanks all donors who have helped to build the collection.

This webpage is a showcase of Australian made wrenches, spanners, multi grips, adjustable wrenches, socket, pliers and implement spanners.

The HTPAA welcomes any additional ephemera and reference material regarding Australian tools and makers. If you can supply any of these items, or wish to leave some feedback, please email the Webmaster on the link below. 

This is 16" Connolly shifter is the only complete one I could find. They seem to be very uncommon. any info contact webmaster by email

© J Hawking
Cyclone Shifter (© - J. Hawking)
Dowidat Australia 10 in shifter (GR)
FHP Australia, 12 in shifter (© J. Hawking)
Gecko Australia fish belly adjustable - any info on this? (image Maurice Stubbs)
International Harvester. AP.331 10 in long (ref Gerry Scells) The AP331 comes in at least 5 variations.
Old style twist & straight wire handled adjustable by H.V. McKay (ref G R coll.)
Sunshine by HV McKay, marked on the top jaw -"Sunshine" in script, click to see a bigger picture. Has the D^D mark of wartime production. Comes in 7 and 9 inch sizes
Siddons made a vast range of mechanics tools, usually branded Sidchrome or a variation of Sidchrome
A more common Sidchrome marking
"Zircalloy" by SAFL (Small Arms Factory, Lithgow)



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