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The HTPAA Australian Collection has tools by a large number of Australian Manufacturers. The Collection has been assembled largely by donation with some careful purchases of selected items. The Association thanks all donors who have helped to build the collection.

This webpage is a showcase of Australian made agricultural wrenches, spanners, adjustable wrenches, sockets, pliers and implement spanners.

The HTPAA welcomes any additional ephemera and reference material regarding Australian tools and makers. If you can supply any of these items, or wish to leave some feedback, please email the Webmaster on the link below. 

Ronaldson Brothers & Tippett made an "Austral" engine - this is thought to belong to one of those 13.5" long (image courtesy Denise Gamble)
Barger Melbourne on both sides - William Gabriel Barger (GR Coll'n)
These wrenches have W G BARGER, with Melbourne on the back. See marks below. (image courtesy Maurice Stubbs)
Bradshaw Makers Horsham (C Fuller collection)
John Buncle & Son, Melbourne
Cliff & Bunting 6 5/8" long, multiple sq and hex box ends(ref GR)
Thought to be Cliff & Bunting (ref GR)
Thought to be Cliff & Bunting (ref GR)

Hudson Brothers started in 1855, and traded to the late 1800's, making lots of railway stuff and agricultural implements. The business went into voluntary liquidation in 1897. In 1898, the company assets were bought out by a syndicate including Henry Hudson - Clyde Engineering Company Ltd was born. (GR coll'n). See also below.

It is not clear is the larger wrenches here were for agricultural implements of steam engines / railway. If any viewer has info, please contact the webmaster.


Hudson Brothers & Clyde Engineering Company Ltd (GR coll'n) see also above
Clyde Engineering made an extensive range of agricultural implements as well as all the railway gear (from the Daryl Symons Coll'n) see also pic below.
Clyde Engineering made an extensive range of agricultural implements (from the Daryl Symons Coll'n) see also pic above.

This spanner is thought to be by the Junee firm of Agricultural Implement makers - Cohoe & Walster c1907. It was found in the right area. jaws - 1-3/4 x 1-1/8, 14 3/4 ' long. Any info please contact Webmaster. (ref GR)

It looks quite similar to the Clyde wrench above - could it be Clyde Workshops?


This "C" spanner came with Cooper Shearing Plant. (ref GR coll'n)
CSR is Colonial Sugar Refineries, a large concern in Qld. Also extensive mills in Melbourne (ref G Scells)
Dikkers / 19309 Agricultural implement makers, Western District of Victoria (C Fuller Coll'n)
Duigan Patented tube spanners with captive swivelling bar. They come in at least two sizes - seen here is a No2 and a smaller unmarked - presumably No1. Marked Pat App'd 4570/31 (ref GR Coll'n)
Daniel Harvey R173, Box Hill, Melbourne
Daniel Harvey, Box Hill, Melbourne, reverse
Furphy 11 " long, jaws 1.7" x 1.3"(ref GR)
Furphy (ref pic GR)

Gibbins Farm Implements Co are listed from 1899 to at least 1946 in Cowper St Footscray (Melbourne). This wrench is marked P77 in front of the name 22 in long. Marked FOOTSCRAY on back (ref GR Coll'n)

A similar wrench also comes marked P78

This wrench is thought to be by Thomas H Hicks Ltd of North Botany, NSW (c 1910 - 1920). They made bush firefighters, oil engines, rabbit fumigators, pumps and scoops (from the Daryl Symons Coll'n)

About 10 1/2" long.

Thomas Howie Footscray made Champion Disc Cultivators , Star Plough Shares, Patent Plough Wheels & Duplicates (pic Chug Fuller)

International Harvester.

AP 593 - Arbor bolt nut wrench, AP 146 - wrench, (P 24527 - bar for arbor bolt nut wrench, not pictured)

These wrenchs were supplied with the McCormick-Deering Tractor Disc Harrow GL-9-A(5,6,7,8 & 10 ft) which was manufactured by International Harvester Company of Australia P/L, in their factory in Geelong, Victoria (c 1946) AP prefix denotes Australian Production.(ref Gerry Scells)

Wrench instructions

International Harvester. AP.331 10 in long (ref Gerry Scells) The AP331 comes in at least 5 variations.
International Harvester. AP.595
International Harvester. AP.11408(ref Gerry Scells)

AP 872 - IHC Socket Wrench (pic- J. Hawking)

Hugh Lennon were making agricultural implements and machinery in Elizabeth St, Melb. in 1880. In 1943 their plant is listed at Spotswood.(pic- J. Hawking) The back is marked "CAST STEEL"
Hugh Lennon of Spottiswoode (pic- J. Hawking)
Lightning Fruit Grader Co (see below) (pic- J. Hawking)
Lightning K376 7 K79 (pic- J. Hawking)
May Bros & Co /. S. A. May Brothers of South Australia, made agricultural implements. (pic G R)
May Brothers of South Australia, made agricultural implements. (pic- J. Hawking)
May & Millar / Horsham - made ag implements and horse drawn vehicles (pic GR)

There are many similar wrenches to this one to be found in rural areas. This is my first that has some identification. Could it be McCalman Garde and Co, who made up the first 5 Sunshine Harvesters for H V McKay in 1885 before he had production facilities? Wrench is 15 1/2" long, jaws 1 7/8" & 2 1/8".
Any info please contact Webmaster.

H V McKay. This is a H V McKay mark.(ref Gerry Scells)11.5 inches long, plain back. This spanner was supplied with Sunshine implements from 1925, it replaced the 184.


H V McKay, Sunshine ,~ 8" long, marked D324 on back
Old style twist & straight wire handled adjustable by H.V. McKay (ref G R coll.)
Hugh V McKay 2xO/E - 5/8" & ¾" Malleable Spanner. Marked 184 on the back (ref J Hawking) . The 184 was supplied with the "Sun" Grain & Fertilizer drill, "Suntyne" combined Drill & ..., and the "Sundelve" combined Drill & ...up until 1924, after which time the 201 was supplied.
Old style openended spanners by H.V. McKay (ref G R coll'n)
H.V. McKAY - S24 on back (ref GR Coll'n)

Sunshine Combination malleable spanners - N1841 and N2639.If anyone can find these in a catalogue please advise webmaster (ref GR Coll'n)


Mckenzie & Holland (Aust) Pty Ltd. They were/are a foundry on the north side of Brisbane (ref G Scells).

One product of Mckenzie & Holland was Railway Signalling Components.

Millar precedes the May & Millar association, Western District, Victoria (C Fuller Coll'n)
Mintern. Mintern made gardening tools and equipment. (ref RT)
Mintern, reverse. (ref RT)
Mintern and Treble R, both have Melbourne on the back. No information has come to light as to who Treble R were. Both look to be made by the same company. (ref Vin Minogue)
Moffat Virtue C spanner for Shearing Plant (ref Gerry Scells)
George Munro P/L were in Ballarat fro 1868 to at least 1923 making various agricultural implements and machinery. (GR Coll'n) (feedback invited - see bottom of page)
H V McKay, Sunshine, 12" long marked KP107. The KP107 replaced the Massey Harris P1538 (ref GR) see also below
H V McKay, Sunshine, 12" long marked KP107. The KP107 replaced the Massey Harris P1538 and the KP108 replaced the Massey Harris P1539 (ref GR Coll'n)

Sunshine Combo P206, this came with the Sunshine No 9 Sunseeder.(ref G Radion) Info sheet

Sunshine by HV McKay, marked on the top jaw -"Sunshine" in script, click to see a bigger picture. Has the D^D mark of wartime production. Comes in 7 and 9 inch sizes

Thomas Robinson & Co started in 1854. In 1922 they were advertising the "well known Federal Farm Implements & Machines". Their range included Grain Machinery, Chaff Cutters, Wool Presses, Cultivators, Manure Spreaders, Orchard Implements, Firewood Sawbenches, Road Scoops and Road Plows. In 1946 they were still listed in the Sands & McDougall Directory. By 1949 they were taken over by Baltic Simplex.(GR Coll'n)

(Thanks to Ken Turner for the historical information)

There was a hardware store in Melbourne in the early 1900's named T Davies & Co. This malleable wrench is thought to be made for them by T Robinson & Co. (from the Daryl Symons Coll'n)

About 12" long.




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