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Bergs Tools

Bergs Quality Tools

Bergs Planes were made in Australia from the late 1940's to mid 1950's in Alexandria, NSW.

Bergs were variously described as "manufacturers of woodworking tools & planes" and "manufacturers of wooden planes, carpenters tools, skis and mouldings" (Trevor Semmens - Australian Woodworking Planemakers, second ed 1998)

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Bergs Continental Smoothers - made of Australian hardwoods. There was a huge amount of variation, even in the same model

A view of the throat positions again displays the variation.
Most Continental Smoothers had a front handle similar to this - labelled the "Australian" handle for this exercise.
Occasional Continental Smoothers can be found with this curved handle - labelled the "European" handle.
Most planes had a paper label on the wedge and front of toe. Length varies, but approx 9 3/4 in long. Iron is 45mm wide
The Razee Jack plane had a nickel plated iron lever cap with a plated brass screw. Plane is 15in long, iron 50 mm wide.
The handled smoother is uncommon. Body is 8 in long and 10 3/4 in with handle. Iron 45mm wide.
Bergs coffin smoother
Bergs Jack Plane, closed handle
Bergs Jack Plane, open handle
Reproduction of paper labels on Bergs smoothers
This Razee Jack plane has Bergs iron and a nickel plated iron lever cap. Thought to be a Bergs also. (Photo by Fred Murrell)
Label often found on the toe of Bergs smoothers
Reproduction of the mark on the Razee Jack lever cap
Bergs mark
Iron from handled smoother
Lever cap from Bergs Razee Jack plated cast iron
Mark on iron of handled smoother and Razee Jack, 50mm wide.
Wedge with paper label


Other models such as the Coffin Smoother exist, and reports of two other different length Jack planes have been made. Pictures will be published when available

Thanks to Rod Thomas, Ian Stagg, Ken Turner and George Radion for these pictures. Thanks also to Trevor Semmens for his intro on Bergs.

The HTPAA welcomes any additional information, pictures and ephemera relating to Bergs Tools or any other Australian Makers.

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