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Thomas Sydney Caine Tool Collection ~ this extensive collection of quality tools was left to the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) in 1968 by Thomas Caine, a tradesman and collector. This collection is owned by the National Trust, and managed by the Caine Tool Committee, who are also members of the HTPAA. Displays are frequently assembled from the collection. 

Pictured below are some of the tools from the collection. Click on an image for a larger picture

Watchmakers Framesaw
Watchmakers lathe, brass, pat'd 19/10/1858, Cat # C0336
Closed handled Smoother, maker unknown, mahogany infill, Cat# C0116
A. Mathieson & Son, Glasgow & Edinburugh Dovetailed Smoothing Plane. Cat# C0164
Archer, Goodge St. Mitre plane. Cat# C0167
Mathieson, Glasgow. Mitre plane. Cat# C0115
Members of the Caine Tool Committee meet regularly to work on the collection. Catalogueing is not yet complete but continues and cleaning / preservation are ongoing activities.

Pictures by Ian Stagg ©2002

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