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Carter Tools

Carter Tools P/L

Carter Tools is another tool manufacturer that filled the gap in handtool imports caused by wartime shortages after WWII. From my observations and those of Australian tool experts, it is clear that they were made to a range of quality standards. They can range from the very rough and basic # C4 through a well made and finished C1 to a vernier circumference finder of superb finish.

Carter planes exhibit a high degree of variation in castings (size, thickness and name placement), adjusting screws, blade (shape and markings) and lever cap design. Many of the variations can no doubt be attributed to their use of different foundries.

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Carter No 4 in new condition
Carter No 4's showing variation in casting size
Carter No 5
Carter C10 Scrub Plane
Carter Scrubplane -C10, showing variation in length of casting
Carter No 7
Carter C54, Nickel Plated Type 1
Carter C54, Nickel Plated Type 2 - note different adjusting mechanism
Carter C54, Blue painted type with set of cutters IOB
Carter C71 with cutters, D stop and IOB
Carter No 78 rebate plane
Carter C1 (click for Super size image)
Carter Pipe Cutter
Carter C 40 IOB
Carter Bench Screw
Carter Engineering Vice
Carter Offset Engineering Vice
Carter "T" bar Sash Cramp
Carter Workbench, equipped with Carter Woodworking Vice
Carter Machine Vice
Carter hatchet
Carter G Clamps
Small Carter Vice
Carter Desk Tidy in bakelite. De-Luxe MEM-O-TRAY by Precision Plastics Pty Ltd Sydney, Pat. Regd.Dsgn.No 28625.
Carter Certre Finder with vernier scale. This photo of a fine example of Carter product was kindly supplied by Fred Murrell
Carter Pipe Vice
Castings of No 4 and C4
Carter No 4 size - "C4"
Carter No 4 - Markings around knob
Cap Type 1
Cap Type 2
Cap Type 3
Cap Type 4
Cap Type 5
Uncommon Carter Mark
Uncommon Carter Mark
Another Mark with a close up above
Newly discovered Carter plane blade with laminated steel cutting edge. Picture kindly supplied by © Tom Shepard.

Laminated plane blade shown above and left. Picture kindly supplied by © Tom Shepard.
Laminated plane blade shown above & left, soft steel can be seen delaminating from hard steel backing. Picture kindly supplied by © Tom Shepard.



Thanks to Rod Thomas for these pictures, .

The HTPAA welcomes any additional information, pictures and ephemera relating to Carter Tools or any other Australian Makers.

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