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  The Enterprize Trip

The HTPAA had a family outing on the tops'l schooner Enterprize -a replica of the ship that bought the first settlers to Melbourne in 1835.

Sunday, 2nd march 2003 began with a talk by Rick Mitchell, Sailmaker, on Gem Pier in Williamston at 11 am. The talk covered the history of the ship's construction. HTPAA members and guests then broke for a picnic lunch in the park, followed by the first cruise which departed about 1 pm. A second cruise followed that about an hour later. There were 44 passengers on the first trip and a similar number on the second. There was a stiff breeze on Port Phillip bay, allowing the Enterprize to sail from the pier in eerie silence (for one used to motor boats). A most enjoyable trip was had by all.

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Pictures by Ian Stagg © 2003

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