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Mark Maker Products Image
FORTUNE J.Fortune Stove piping tongs (downpipe end crimping) approx 18" long thumb
FOSTER Die sets thumb
FOWLERS Fowlers Pty Ltd Fowlers "Vacola" bottle opener thumb
FOX Forgecraft Manuf Co P/L Scissors, (acquired by Turner 1962) thumb
FRANKLIN A.L.Franklin Ruler, parallel, rolling RA No1 Mk1.,15" brass parallel / rolling rule thumb
FRANKLIN logo A. J. Healing Ltd Hand tools and instruments thumb
FRASER Charles Homer Fraser Mitre guide & planing attat, paint mixer, saw & chisel & plane sharpener thumb
FRISCO - WARE Sydenham Products Bottle opener - can opener thumb
FROST Frost Engineering Coy. Ltd High speed steel drills and drill sets thumb
FULTON Wood Jack Plane - laminated costruction thumb
FURPHY J. Furphy & Sons Agricultural / implement spanners thumb
G.B. Square, combination, several functions diecast thumb
G.B.M. Green Brothers & Miller Pty Ltd Engineers cutters, dies, taps, screwthreading stocks etc thumb
G.J. Hand valve grinder - suction type thumb
G.M.H. EQUIP o / e spanners thumb
GAMMA Design Engineering Pty Ltd Hole cutting saws, thumb
GAMMA Gamma Tools Manufacturing thumb
GARD-N-CARE Trojan Pty Ltd Refer Trojan thumb
GAUNT Thos. Gaunt Optician 12" boxwood rule thumb
GECKO Fish belly shifter similar "King Dick" thumb
GEE JAY George H Sample & Son Tools, wrenches (automotive parts & accessories), tube spanners (spark plugs) thumb
GEM Martinmakers Tap reseater thumb
GENERAL ABRASIVES General Abrasives Pty Ltd Carbosil & Aluminex wheels, hones, sticks, pencils etc thumb
GENERAL BOLTS & NUTS General Bolts & Nuts Co Drawing Instruments thumb
GERARD Gerard Industries Ltd Clipsal and Hills spanners, cycle & box spanners thumb
GIBAUD Gibaud & Sons Brushes for distemper, varnish, glue, stiplers, etc thumb
GIBBINS Gibbins Farm Implement Co Ltd Wrenches, large spanner ? Implement thumb
GIBSON R. M. GIBSON Pty Ltd Spiral Drills - Patent non slip shank thumb
GILKON Duplicators Roller thumb
GLOBE Globe Products Ltd (Aust) Drills, grinders, callipers, shapers, breast drill no 801, etc thumb
GODFREY Godfrey Hat Blocks for men's hats thumb
GOLDLINE Goldline Garden tools (acquired by Turner 1956) thumb
GOLDLINE Turner Industries Garden Tools thumb
GOLDLINE Goldline Garden Tools Garden Tools thumb
GOODALL T.M.GOODALL & Co Tools for hammering saws (make sure not confusion with Goodall the Merchants) thumb
GOODWILL 12" plastic advertising rule thumb
GOODWOOD Goodwood Engineering Pty Ltd Diecast bock plane (similar 101) thumb
GORDON HNT Gordon & Co Classic Plane Maker Wooden planes - chinese style thumb
GORDON Ritch Tension Wrench thumb
GOWER W.B.Gower Bow saw thumb
GREEN BROS & MILLER Green Brothers & Miller Pty Ltd Engineers cutters, dies, taps, screwthreading stocks etc thumb
GREEN SEAL Turner Industries Ltd Shovels and garden tools thumb
GREENFIELD Greenfield & Sons Wood scaled square thumb
GREENFIELD A.P. Greenfield & Co Ltd 2" scaled rule thumb
GREGORY KNIVES Gregory Knives Australia Pty Ltd Knives etc thumb
GREGORY Steel Products Gregory Steel Products To many items to list - per master database - incl range of spanners thumb
GREGSTEEL Gregory Steel Products To many items to list - per master database thumb
GRIMOLDI Rectangular Protractor - ivory 6" x 1 7/8". thumb
GRIPMASTER Cyclone Co of Australia Spanners, (and other metal tools), Gripmaster (style) spanner set thumb
GUARANTEED WELDING Guaranteed Welding Co Bench Vices thumb
GUM Chay Gum Palm Smoother, red iron bark thumb
GUMLEAF John Perry Pty Ltd Engineer's hammer handle, spotted gum, 505mm long - Claw hammer handle, spotted gum thumb
GUMLEAF Allen Taylor & Co Ltd Spotted Gum Handles thumb
GWILIGHT Pioneer Industries Ltd thumb
GYREX Aus Government Lithgow Small Arms Stillsons- 14", 14" & 24", 12" alloy level (2 plumb, 1 level), brickies trowel, pole adze thumb
GYREX Gyrex Products Pty Ltd High grade engineers tools, pipe wrenches, trowels, shears, benders, cramps, level etc thumb
GYRO Gyro Products Pty Ltd Hand tools especially drill drifts, hammers and spanners thumb
H.B.S. Saws Henry Bros. Saws Pty Ltd Saws and Knives for all industries and applications thumb
H.C.D. logo Huckson Diecasters Pty Ltd Hand tools and instruments thumb
H.C.H H.C.H.Grinding Works Cutting iron, bench plane - 2" parallel - item Fred Murrell thumb
H.P.L. Wood rabbet planes, wood levels, sliding bevel thumb
HACKSAWS (AUST) Hacksaws (Aust) Pty Ltd Hacksaw blades, "Elk" hacksaw blades thumb
HADFIELD Hadfield Ltd Anvils thumb
HALLSTROM P.C.Hallstrom Bearing scrapers, screwdriver bits, carpenters bits and broaches, long nose plyers, plaster's small tools thumb
HANDEE S & O Handee Products Pressed steel block plane thumb
HANDFORD C.HANDFORD Steel stamps thumb
HANDI SAW Efco Handi saw - blade handle thumb
HANDIKIT TOOLS Pope Products Limited Spanner sets, magneto spanner sets ( with feeler ) thumb
HANDLEY J.W.Handley Proprietary Limited Screw cutting taps and dies, Marked 1941 - Scale Rule thumb
HANDLEY John William Handley Marked 1941 Scale Rule Drawing Instruments thumb
HANDLEY logo J.W Handley Propriety Limited Screw cutting taps and dies thumb
HANDYFILE Wiltshire File Company Pty Ltd Files thumb
HANDYMAN Australian Abrasives Ltd Grinding wheel thumb
HARDING C.C.Harding & Sons Timber Marking Hammer (6" diameter x 2 1/2" deep + wooden handle) thumb
HARDING T.Harding Tailors/dressmakers rule - wood, Tailors/dressmakers square - graduated scale Reg CP 6943 - plastic. thumb
HARDING C. HARDING Shoe Last thumb
HARDING & HALDEN HARDING & HALDEN P/L Technical Drawing Scales thumb
HARDWARE INDUSTRIES Hardware Industries Agency Co Anvils thumb
HAROLD & SAXON Harold & Saxon Chisel & Tool Co. Aus- Chisels & thumb
HARPAG Harper's Agencies merchant Hammers, pliers, spanners, wrenches, screwdrivers, braces, etc thumb
HARRIS E. O. Harris Nail punch thumb
HARVEY Daniel Harvey Ltd, BoxHill Orchard Implements, 6 1/2" o /e spanner, implement spanners, fruit measuring gauge thumb
HASLER G.Hasler 18" Tailors' upright rule thumb
HATELEY T.F.Hateley Pty Ltd Earmarking Pliers (animal) thumb
HAWKES & JOWETT Hawkes & Jowett Soldering Irons thumb
HB (joined vertically) Horwood Bagshaw Tools for their agricultural machinery, entrenching mattock marked HB thumb
HEALING A.G.Healing Ltd Spanners, bicycle block spanner thumb
HELY Hely Brothers Pty Limited Handles thumb
HENDERSON'S Henderson's Hardware Pty Ltd Bar, sledge, various hammers inc. ball & cross pien thumb
HENDERSON'S Henderson's Federal Spring Works Double o / e spanner assorted sizes thumb
HENDERSON'S Henderson's Federal Spring Works P L Spanner, Tyre levers, some small tools thumb
HERCULES W H Wylie & Co Socket wrench sets, lock jaw wrench, ratchet brace thumb
HERGA Surveyors brass clinometer, surveyors steel tape thumb
HFSW Henderson's Federal Spring Works Double o / e spanner assorted sizes thumb
HI -TORQUE The Stanley Works Pty Ltd All goods this class (8) inc screwdrivers thumb
HILLMAN J.Hillman Miners Pick thumb
HILLS Gerard Industries Ltd Spanners, pressed steel ring spanners made for hills antennae Div. By Gererd Industries - Clipsal thumb
HOBSON Hobson Engineering Co Circle cutter thumb
HOLLANDS & GORE Hollands & Glore Carpenters bench screws thumb
HOLLWAY John Hollway & Sons Machine tools, Precision & Hand tools thumb
HOOK F.Hook Drill stand (for P & N TEC) thumb
HORDURA Anthony Hordern & Sons Limited Edged tools, builders and garden tools thumb
HOWIE T. Howie Spanner for Disc Plough thumb
HUCKSON Huckson Diecastings Proprietary Ltd Drill stand, soft face hammer thumb
HUDSON F.L.Hudson & Co Pty Ltd Tube cutters, pullers, flaring tools thumb
HUMMEL W.Hummel Roofing set out square thumb
HUNT Australian Opt. Co Ltd Sydney Roofing scale thumb
HUSKY Repco Ltd Mechanics tools thumb
HYCHROME Hytest Axe & Tool Pty Ltd Axes thumb
HYTEST Hytest Axe & Tool Co To many items to list - per master database thumb
I. M. I M Works (I Mc Works) Cast Iron Glue Pots thumb
I.H.C. International Harvester Corp Cast iron farm spanners, auto wrenches, o/e forged spanners - AP prefix reputed to be made in Aus thumb
I.K. Australian Drop Forging knurling tool, 3 1/2" boiler makers clamp thumb
IBBOTSON Saws thumb
IDEAL F.R.Low Pty Ltd Wood levels thumb
IMP Tool Equipment Co Pty Ltd Drills for rotary & percussion drilling machines inc rock & masonry drills thumb
INDEMA Indema Pty Ltd Grinding wheel thumb
INDIS STOCK & DIE Co. Indis Stock & Die Co Carded Stocks & Dies thumb
INDUSAG Power and Hand grease guns thumb
INDUSTRIAL STEELS Industrial Steels Pty Ltd Anvils thumb
INSTANT INDUSTRIES Instant Industries Pty Ltd metal cased felt tip marking pen thumb
INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER International Harvester Corp Geelong, Dandenong & Pt Melb. Cast iron farm spanners, auto wrenches, o/e forged spanners - AP prefix reputed to be made in Aus thumb
INVESTO Investo Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd Hand tools - numerous - per master database thumb
IRONCORE Ironcore Transformers Pty Ltd hot wire burner for wood pyrographics thumb
ITSY - BITSY Turner Industries Ltd Tapes - measuring thumb
J & S Siddons Drop Forgings ? Motor wrench (Ford) thumb
J. M. J.Millerchip & Sons Pty Ltd Plumbers stock & dies thumb
JACKSON Jackson Tools Pty Ltd Tap wrenches, diestocks and precision tools thumb
JAMES WATT James Watt Trammel points thumb
JAMES WATT TOOLS 1 Finlay Engineering Co Pty Ltd Centre, nail, pin and hollow punches, cold chisles, hex key wrench, brass drift thumb
JAMES WATT TOOLS 2 Eric John Byron Spanners, punches, pliers, screwdrivers, files, vices, clamps, chisles, saws, sockets thumb
JAMES, William John W.H.Blakeley (WJJ used WHB factory) Wooden coffin, jack and poss german jack thumb
JAN G.N.Raymond Ltd Plumbers pipe cutters & die sets, bolt cutters, vices, strap/wrenches etc thumb
JARRETT H.J.Jarrett Augers, earth - post hole thumb
JASCO Tap reseater, 3 sized cutters thumb
JAXOS PRODUCTS Jaxos Products Pty Ltd Abrasives, solid thumb
JAY - BEE Quick release welding clamp thumb
JAY-EM J.Millerchip & Sons Pty Ltd Plumbers stock & dies thumb
JAYBEN J. C. Benbow Ltd Pressed metal ringspanners, stud extractor, machine tools. Flaremaker flaring tools thumb
JAYSON J.Millerchip & Sons Pty Ltd Plumbers stock & dies thumb
JENSSEN G.E.Jenssen Co 12" & 6" steel rule thumb
JOHNSTON, WJ W J Johnston Livestock ear marking pliers thumb
JOHNSTON, WJ W J Johnston Livestock ear marking pliers thumb
JONES Surgical clamp, tooth extraction pliers thumb
JONES Trowel thumb
JONES A G Jones - Blacksmith Large "S" shaped blacksmith forged spanner thumb
JONES & HOOKE Jones & Hooke bronze (cold) chisel thumb
JOPLIN Joplin Brothers Pty Limited Saw vice, wood vice, also engineering and plumbers Tools thumb
JOSEPH LIDDY Joseph Lidddy for Stone remover horses hooves thumb
K.B.C. K.B.C. (Vic) Pty Ltd Elec drills and accessories thumb
K.B.C. Lightburn Lightburn & Co Ltd Dowelling Jig, metal disc for sanding paper mounting thumb
K.L.G. Automotive tools - spark plug wrench thumb
K.O. Keech Castings Pty Ltd Claw Hammer 20 & 24 onz thumb
KANGAROO M Donaghy & Sons Pty Ltd Bricklayer's line - nylon thumb
KARPENTER Keech Castings Pty Ltd Claw hammers thumb
KBT Lightburn Lightburn & Co Ltd Dowelling Jig, metal disc for sandpaper mounting thumb
KEEFER PRODUCTS Keefer Bros Pty Ltd Plane Blade and Chisel Honing Holder thumb
KEENCUT Keech Castings Pty Ltd Racing Axes thumb
KEESTEEL Keech Castings Pty Ltd Axes / hatchets / hammers / tinsnips / multigrips / mattocks / baghooks / tailors shears thumb
KELLY Cyclone under licence 4 1/2 lb Axe heads, Axes, including the "Dandenong" thumb
KELLY Engineering Kelly Engineering Co Pty Ltd Plumbers pipe cutters thumb
KELSO Wheel Barrows, hand trolleys etc thumb
KEMPHORNE Kempthorne Pty Ltd Brass jewellers blowlamp - D^D 1943, hand operated grinding wheel thumb
KENNEDY E. Kennedy Toolmaker Melb Blackwood bench planes, also chinese style plane thumb
KILPATRICK Kilpatrick & Co All brass parallel / roller rule (made England) thumb
KINCROME Kingchrome Australia Hand tools fabricated from or plated with chromium thumb
KING P.J.King name stamp (H.Wadsworth) thumb
KING CUTTER King Saw Manufacturing Pty Limited Saws, circular and band thumb
KING HIT Keech Castings Pty Ltd Claw and ballpien hammers thumb
KING SAW King Saw Manfrs Pty Ltd Saws thumb
KIRBY F.L.Kirby & Co Pty Ltd Soldering Irons, rings mauls, scotch comb holders, assor tongs, farriers-pitchels, cold sets, flatters, fullers thumb
KIRKBY F.L.Kirkby & Co Pty Ltd Tongs, fullers, groovers, farriers tools, etc thumb
KISMET Kismet Engineering Works All steel fabricated vices thumb
KISMET Kismet Engineering Works Steel 'G' clamps, sash cramps, steel vices thumb
KLAW Keech Castings Pty Ltd Claw and ballpien hammers thumb
KLEERVUE Alloy 18" level, 2P & 1L Des 43902 thumb
KLIK FAST Marson Products Aust. PtyLtd Pop riveter thumb
KNOCK & KIRBY Knock & Kirby (merchant) 9" wood, brass top level thumb
KOGATANA Hand forged knives, cabinet makers and carvers chisels thumb
KRUSE Manufacturer of saftey hold down devices (Axedale) thumb
KUTALL Keech Castings Pty Ltd Axes thumb
KWICKSET G clamp, quick adjust mechanism thumb
KWIK RIP Bentley Mfg. Co. Fibro cement cutters thumb
KWIKDRIV The Stanley Works Pty Ltd (incorp Tas) Hand tools in paticular drivers & bits for bolts/screws/fastners thumb
L & M 3" 'G' Clamp, Concretors edging tool (range of concreting tools) thumb
L. N. INSTRUMENTS L.N.Instuments Engineers callipers, firm joint and spring thumb
L. VA - COR Tungston tipped ceramic tile scorer thumb
LAKE & JONSEN Lake & Jonsen & Co Sydney Ballara Type Gauge thumb
LANCO Lane Cove Engineering Co Watchmakers Staking Sets - 1 staking block-10 anvils-44 hardened punches thumb
LANGDON Don Langdon Racing Axes thumb
LANRAY Blow lamps thumb
LAPFAST Hand valve grinder - recipricating type thumb
LASSETTER F. Lassetter & Co Limited Animal ear marking pliers thumb
LAWRENSON R.H.Lawrenson (Die Casting) Ltd Garden Scissors thumb
LEADER Turner Industries Ltd Tapes - measuring thumb
LEADER Leader Handle Co Handles thumb
LEADERTAG Hole punch, possibly hole for livestock "ear" tag thumb
LEIGHTON Leighton Set scale rules thumb
LENNON H. Hugh Lennon Plow & Machine Co Implement spanners etc thumb
LEWCO Lewco Industries Breast drills, thumb
LIFETIME G clamp (hardened aluminium), carpenter's vice thumb
LIGHTBURN KBC Lightburn & Co Ltd Dowelling Jig, 1-10 ton hydraulic jacks, etc per file thumb
LIGHTNING Lightning Fruit Grader Co - (Fruit Graders & Agricultural Implements), 510 Albion St Brunswick Implement spanners etc, incl hammer / spanner combo thumb
LIGHTNING FILES Wiltshire File Company Pty Ltd Files thumb
LILLEY Lilley Bros Hog ring pliers (or fencing) thumb
LILLINGTON & SMITH Lillington & Smith Instrument Mfg Co Adept dial indicators thumb
LINBIDE Fibro score and snapknife thumb
LINLEY Thos B Linley Moulding planes, large turning gouge, 7/8"chisel blade thumb
LINOAK A beautiful pair of pliers thumb
LITCHFIELD Litchfield Engineering Pty Ltd Hand tools - hand operated, many motor mechanical tools thumb
LITTLE BOOSTER The Booster Mfg Co Floor Cramps thumb
LOCHGRIP Reginald Charles Duigan Wire Strainer, also improved tube spanner pat 4570/31 thumb
LOCK TOOLS Lock Tool Co of Australia Pty Ltd Wrenches, 'G' clamps, long jaw pipe vice, bolt cutters, cross pein hammer thumb
LOFT R.H.Loft Tool manufacturer thumb
LOFT G.F.Loft & Sons Tongs thumb
LOKmatic Turner Industries Ltd Tape rule thumb
LOW F.R.Low Pty Ltd Wood levels thumb
LUDOWICI Soft Face Hammer (rolled leather) thumb
LUFKIN Turner Industries Ltd Tape Measuress thumb
LUXRAY William Henry Matthews Hand tools and instruments thumb
LYDDY Wm. Day & Sons Stone remover horses hooves thumb
LYNDON W.A.Lyndon Warranted Soxxxx Mortice Axe thumb
LYSAGHT Lysaght Works Pty Limited Saws-rip, hand, panel, tenon and circular, series machettes, knives, small tools etc. per adv.on file thumb
M.H. = Massey Harris Spanners and wrenches for tractors and implements thumb
M.H.S. Massey Harris (Sunshine) Motor wrench D^D thumb
M.S.S. The Melbourne Saw Manuf. Co P/L circular saw blades thumb
M.T.R James McEwan & Co Pty Ltd - Merchant Coffin smoother, 1/2"sidebead, dado moulding planes, small framesaw, stop chamfer plane thumb
MACSON McPherson's Proprietary Limited Edge tools all kinds, spanners, engineers vices, cold chisels assorted, machinery, lathe tools and spanners for same thumb
MAGPIE Titan Manf Co ? Wire strainer, improved thumb
MAJESTIC Dis.by Majestic Products Limited Razor blade small diecast plane, adjustable hobby vice, all purpose sharpener thumb
MAJOR F & R Tough Chrome plated all metal braces - 10",12",14" ratchet thumb
MALCO Malco Engineering Pty Ltd 8" 'G' clamps, concrete forming tools thumb
MALCO Malleable Castings Pty Ltd Drum hand pump and plug wrench (bung spanner) and other spanners and wrenches thumb
MALCO Malco Engineering Pty Ltd 2 1/2", 4", 5" & 8" 'G' Clamps, Concrete forming tools, axe handle protector thumb
MALLEYS Malleys Ltd Metal Tool Boxes thumb
MALVIN Malvin Engineering Co Pty Ltd Circular saw blades thumb
MANN John Mann 28" mahogany & brass (surveyors) level, brass sliding bevel thumb
MAO Cecil E. Mayo Pty Limited Braces (ratchet & plain), T type wrenches, plumb bobs, trammels, hand/breast drills, marking gauges thumb
MAR - CO Steel tape measure (self marking) thumb
MARBUT Marbut Forged Axes Axe, brass backed tenon saw, thumb
MARBUT Marbut Engineering Proprietary Ltd Axes, adzes and chisles, also engineering items per 88972 class 6 thumb
MARDON Roe Mardon ? ME36 black nylon ruler 4 fold thumb
MARKRITE Sidchrome Tape measure - pat pend thumb
MARMAC Marsden & McGain Breast drill thumb
MARMAN Martin & Manning Pty Ltd No 240 - 24" alloy level, line level (black plastic - metal ends), 8" bakelite - green level, crosscut saw, sharpening guide thumb
MARSDEN Lysaght Works Limited Saws hand and circular, machettes, knives, small tools thumb
MARSDEN & McGAIN Marsden & McGain Pty Ltd Breast drills thumb

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