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Founded in 1925 as Popes Sprinkler and Irrigation Company.

The Pope trademark appeared in 1944, on hand tools such as hand drills, pliers, spanners & multigrips.

Falcon planes were released in 1946. The name was changed from Falcon to Pope in the early 1950's and it is thought they ceased production around 1955-57.

Plane numbers available nowadays suggest that there were many more Falcons made than Popes.

The corresponding model numbers are:

Falcon Planes 9" F4 F4½ F5 F5½ F6 F7 F220 Spokeshaves F151 F151R
Pope Planes   4 5 6 7 220 Spokeshaves 151 151R

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Further information on the Pope and Falcon range can be found in the extract from Rod Thomas' August 1996 article in 'The Tool Chest' History of Pope Products - Pope and Falcon Planes

Thanks to Rod Thomas and Ian Stagg.

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