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Edward Preston Handtools


Edward Preston Handtools

The HTPAA International Collection has tools by a large number of Manufacturers.

Edward Preston Tools were noted for their quality.

The ones depicted here are from The HTPAA Collection, Caine Collection and Members' Private collections. The Association thanks those who generously took photos and/or allowed their tools to be photographed for this feature.

The HTPAA welcomes donations of any additional tools, ephemera and reference material regarding tools and makers. If you can supply any of these items, please contact one of the Office Bearers or email the Australian Curator on the email link below.

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Preston Meat Tin and Sardine Can Openers
A set of Preston Violin Makers Planes
Preston Two Feet Four-Fold Ivory Rule with Inside Bevelled Edges, Arch Joint, German Silver Mounts
Preston Shoe Rule's
Three different Preston Iron Bullnose Rabbet Planes
Two Preston Spill Planes
Two Preston Chariot Planes and two Rabbet Planes
Preston Stop Chamfer Plane and an Irish Pattern Chariot Plane
Preston's Patent Adjustable Bull nose Rabbet Plane
Top - Preston's Patent Iron Spokeshave, others - Registered Iron Spokeshaves
Preston Gun Metal Shoulder Rabbet Plane
Preston Iron Shoulder Rabbet Plane
Preston Steel Smooth Planes with Handle - Parallel sided and Shaped Pattern
Preston Block Plane with Patent Adjuster
Preston Routers - Bead, Ovoloe, Lambtongue
Two Preston Levels
Two Preston Levels
One of the many Edward Preston marks - this one on a beech smoother
One of the many Edward Preston marks - this one on an Iron Rabbet
Preston's Patent Reeding, Rabbeting and Moulding Tool

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