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Subject: Knobs on Pincers

Description: A Chippies reply
Author: David Francis
Vol: 6Year: 1994Month: August
Category: Knob   Topic: Pincers

Subject: Museum of the Goldfields WA

Description: Silk Banners explained
Author: David James
Vol: 8Year: 1996Month: February
Category: Museum   Topic: Gold

Subject: As Tool Collectors we can all Learn Something

Description: A Cake decorators rule
Author: David James
Vol: 12Year: 2000Month: May
Category: Rule   Topic: Rabone

Subject: Slat Planing Machine

Description: Venetian Blind Slat Planing Machine
Author: David James
Vol: 14Year: 2002Month: May
Category: Plane   Topic: Slat

Subject: Australian Planemakers

Description: Bill moss details
Author: David L Gough
Vol: 2Year: 1990Month: October
Category: Plane   Topic: Falcon/Pope

Subject: Australian Tools = William John James

Description: Patent No 15,433/20 explained
Author: David L Gough
Vol: 3Year: 1991Month: February
Category: Plane   Topic: Wood

Subject: Dating Record Bench Planes

Description: Dating Planes chart
Author: David Lynch
Vol: 18Year: 2006Month: August
Category: Dating   Topic: Planes

Subject: Have you ever had this happen to you?

Description: A rare plane repaired
Author: David Lynch
Vol: 20Year: 2008Month: August
Category: Plane   Topic: Record

Subject: The Nature & Art of Workmanship

Description: A book reviewed
Author: David Pye
Vol: 8Year: 1996Month: November
Category: Book   Topic: Workmanship

Subject: Cobb & Co : An Australian Story

Description: A Company History.
Author: Deborah Tranter
Vol: 9Year: 1997Month: February
Category: Coach   Topic: Cobb & Co

Subject: Moulding Planes

Description: A brief history
Author: Des Millar
Vol: 9Year: 1997Month: August
Category: Plane   Topic: Moulding

Subject: Spanners & the Lithgow Small Arms Museum

Description: Zircalloy products
Author: Des Millar
Vol: 12Year: 2000Month: February
Category: Wrenches   Topic: Spanner

Subject: Letter to the Editor

Description: More on the Shave Horse
Author: Des Miller
Vol: 21Year: 2009Month: February
Category: Shave Horse   Topic:

Subject: Titan Handle Decals and Blade Stamps 1946 - 1974

Author: Dick Lynch (m)
Vol: 26Year: 2014Month: August
Category: Maker   Topic: Titan

Subject: The Titan Flagship Chisel - No. 101

Author: Dick Lynch (m)
Vol: 27Year: 2015Month: August
Category: Chisel   Topic: Titan

Subject: Writing and Publishing 'Collecting Titan Chisels'

Author: Dick Lynch (m)
Vol: 28Year: 2016Month: November
Category: Book   Topic: Writing

Subject: Disston No10 Imperial Saw Tool

Description: Sharpening Saws
Author: Disston
Vol: 1Year: 1989Month: February
Category: Saws   Topic: Disston

Subject: The Big Move

Description: The Caine Tool Collection
Author: Doug McIver
Vol: 1Year: 1989Month: December
Category: Caine   Topic: Ripponlea

Subject: Improving The Carpenter's Framing Square

Description: A detailed explanation
Author: Doug McIver
Vol: 4Year: 1992Month: December
Category: Square   Topic: Framing Square

Subject: Handles, Linseed Oil and Other Things

Description: Polishing ,Oiling Plane & Axe Handles
Author: Doug McIver
Vol: 5Year: 1993Month: October
Category: Cleaning   Topic: Linseed Oil

Subject: Tools in Private Museums

Description: Roger Penmans Second Museum
Author: Doug McIver
Vol: 5Year: 1993Month: December
Category: Museum   Topic: Tools

Subject: Thomas Caine Collection

Description: History .status & plans for the collection.
Author: Doug McIver
Vol: 7Year: 1995Month: May
Category: Caine   Topic: Collecting

Subject: I Make the Best Hammer that's Made

Description: A Company History.
Author: Doug McIver
Vol: 7Year: 1995Month: August
Category: Hammer   Topic: Maydole

Subject: The Thomas Caine Collection

Description: The management discussed
Author: Doug McIver
Vol: 7Year: 1995Month: August
Category: Caine   Topic: Management

Page 9 of 43 Results 193 - 216 of 1028

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