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Subject: Tools from the Collection - QPC

Description: Our Collection reviewed
Author: Thomas/McIver
Vol: 19Year: 2007Month: February
Category: Casting   Topic: Collections

Subject: Tracking Bailey Tol co Spokeshaves

Description: A detailed report
Author: Tom Lamond
Vol: 12Year: 2000Month: August
Category: Spokeshave   Topic: Bailey

Subject: Tale of an old Smoothie

Description: Chasing the name "J Fly"
Author: Tony Derrett
Vol: 1Year: 1989Month: August
Category: Collecting   Topic: J Fly

Subject: John Derrett, Miniature Plane Maker

Description: The Story of John Derrett by his Son
Author: Tony Derrett
Vol: 9Year: 1997Month: August
Category: Plane   Topic: Miniature Tools

Subject: Perforated Saw

Description: Cross Cut Saw
Author: Tony Derrett
Vol: 13Year: 2001Month: November
Category: Saws   Topic: Cross Cut

Subject: A Robert Wooding?

Description: A Clearing Sale Find
Author: Tony Derrett
Vol: 18Year: 2006Month: May
Category: Rebate   Topic: Plane

Subject: The Melbourne Chair company

Description: A Company History.
Author: Trevor Rowe
Vol: 12Year: 2000Month: February
Category: Furniture   Topic: Melb Chair Co

Subject: Another Australian Planemaker?

Description: Information Sought
Author: Trevor Semmens
Vol: 6Year: 1994Month: May
Category: Plane   Topic: HPL

Subject: Recording a Collection

Description: A process explained
Author: Trevor Semmens
Vol: 7Year: 1995Month: August
Category: Collecting   Topic: Recording

Subject: Whittingslowe - Pressed Steel plane

Description: A detailed explanation
Author: Trevor Semmens
Vol: 8Year: 1996Month: May
Category: Plane   Topic: Whittingslowe

Subject: Gereedschap Museum Mensert

Description: Dutch Museum detail & visit
Author: Trevor Semmens
Vol: 13Year: 2001Month: November
Category: Museum   Topic:

Subject: Four Centuries of Dutch Plane Makers

Description: Another perspective _ Book Review
Author: Trevor Semmens
Vol: 14Year: 2002Month: February
Category: Book   Topic: Plane Makers

Subject: Tasmanian Patented Woodworking Plane Sighted.

Description: Launceston Plane found in a Hobart Garage
Author: Trevor Semmens
Vol: 16Year: 2004Month: May
Category: Plane   Topic: Watkinson

Subject: An interesting Tool Box

Description: A recent purchas explained
Author: Trevor Semmens
Vol: 17Year: 2005Month: August
Category: Parts   Topic: Tool Box

Subject: 25 Years of Rhykenology

Description: A collection explained
Author: Trevor Semmens
Vol: 20Year: 2008Month: August
Category: Plane   Topic: Collecting

Subject: Book Review - Antique Woodworking Tools by David Russell

Author: Trevor Semmens (m)
Vol: 24Year: 2012Month: November
Category: Book   Topic: Review

Subject: George Bretnall

Author: Trevor Semmens (m)
Vol: 25Year: 2013Month: May
Category: History   Topic: Bretnall

Subject: My Plane Collection - Some Statistics

Author: Trevor Semmens (m)
Vol: 25Year: 2013Month: May
Category: Collecting   Topic: Planes

Subject: The Lynn Woodwork Museum - Ashburton, New Zealand

Author: Trevor Semmens (m)
Vol: 29Year: 2017Month: February
Category: Museum   Topic: Lynn

Subject: Ken Roberts Lecture on English Braces & Other Tools

Description: A visiting Speaker summarised
Author: Val Quanchi
Vol: 4Year: 1992Month: April
Category: Braces   Topic: English

Subject: The Australian Hytest Racing Axe

Description: Development & Background of the Company
Author: Val Quanchi
Vol: 4Year: 1992Month: June
Category: Axe   Topic: Hytest

Subject: Abrasives & Sharpening Stones

Description: Horace Weir of General Abrasives P/L
Author: Val Quanchi
Vol: 4Year: 1992Month: August
Category: Sharpening   Topic: Horace Weir

Subject: World Competition to Ascertain the Best Saw & Axe

Description: Axmens Association Competition
Author: Val Quanchi
Vol: 11Year: 1999Month: February
Category: Axe   Topic: Saw

Subject: Flying Spanners

Description: Bird Named Spanners
Author: Viv Shepard
Vol: 9Year: 1997Month: May
Category: Wrenches   Topic: Spanner

Page 39 of 43 Results 913 - 936 of 1028

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