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Subject: Hand Tools on Stamps

Description: Tools on Postage Stamps
Author: Graeme Plaw
Vol: 19Year: 2007Month: May
Category: Australia   Topic: Postage Stamps

Subject: Tools from the Caine Collection Drawing Instruments

Description: Our Collection reviewed"
Author: McIver/Sandie
Vol: 19Year: 2007Month: May
Category: Australia   Topic: Collections

Subject: The Wrapper

Author: George Radion (m)
Vol: 28Year: 2016Month: August
Category: Automotive   Topic: Hub Puller

Subject: The Adze

Description: Uses & Design
Author: Alan West
Vol: 1Year: 1989Month: October
Category: Axe   Topic: Adze

Subject: Original W.N.Plumb Pty Ltd

Description: A Company History.
Vol: 2Year: 1990Month: December
Category: Axe   Topic: Plumb

Subject: The Australian Hytest Racing Axe

Description: Development & Background of the Company
Author: Val Quanchi
Vol: 4Year: 1992Month: June
Category: Axe   Topic: Hytest

Subject: Axes in Australia

Description: A manufactures listing
Author: Paul Wilkins
Vol: 5Year: 1993Month: June
Category: Axe   Topic: Aust Makers

Subject: The Mortice Axe

Description: A detailed explanation
Author: John RE Brown
Vol: 6Year: 1994Month: November
Category: Axe   Topic: Mortice

Subject: The Broadaxe Relics of a Vanishing Art

Description: Types detailed & edited by Nigel Lampert
Author: John RE Brown
Vol: 7Year: 1995Month: February
Category: Axe   Topic: Broadaxe

Subject: An Interesting Axe

Description: A new find
Author: Gabe Bognar
Vol: 9Year: 1997Month: August
Category: Axe   Topic: Kelly

Subject: World Competition to Ascertain the Best Saw & Axe

Description: Axmens Association Competition
Author: Val Quanchi
Vol: 11Year: 1999Month: February
Category: Axe   Topic: Saw

Subject: Australian Axes

Description: A Qld Manufacture
Author: George Radion
Vol: 11Year: 1999Month: August
Category: Axe   Topic: Dave Shaw

Subject: Whatsit

Description: Hand Made Blacksmith Hatchet detailed.
Author: Ken Turner
Vol: 16Year: 2004Month: May
Category: Axe   Topic: Hatchet

Subject: Tools in Sports - Axes and Wood chopping

Description: The tools and the events explained
Author: Doug Stevenson
Vol: 19Year: 2007Month: November
Category: Axe   Topic: Sports

Subject: Eric Risstron's Patented Axe Stand

Author: Graeme Plaw (m)
Vol: 26Year: 2014Month: May
Category: Axe   Topic: Stand

Subject: The Mystery has been Weighed Up

Description: Cutter Balancing Machine a Whatsit resolved
Author: Quentin Pfahlert
Vol: 9Year: 1997Month: November
Category: Balance   Topic: Cutter

Subject: The Deveopment of the Beam Balance

Description: A Balanced History
Author: Nicola Williams
Vol: 19Year: 2007Month: May
Category: Balances   Topic: Beam

Subject: Flag Baskets & Carpet Bags

Description: Tool carriers detailed
Author: Ken Turner
Vol: 12Year: 2000Month: November
Category: Baskets   Topic: Bags

Subject: Bevels & Tapers

Description: Some details given
Author: Watson Cutter
Vol: 12Year: 2000Month: February
Category: Bevels   Topic: Ships

Subject: Billhead

Description: Detail sought
Vol: 12Year: 2000Month: August
Category: Billhead   Topic: Eyres Bros

Subject: The Old Second Sea Dog Trick

Description: The life of a bit brace
Author: Doug McIver
Vol: 8Year: 1996Month: May
Category: Bit Brace   Topic: Story

Subject: Centre Bits

Description: A brief history
Author: Mike Williams
Vol: 8Year: 1996Month: February
Category: Bits   Topic: Centre

Subject: Black Japan

Description: Semi Gloss Finish explained
Author: Doug McIver
Vol: 16Year: 2004Month: August
Category: Black Japan   Topic: Varnish

Subject: The Blacksmiths

Description: A report on a meeting with Vic Blacksmiths Ass
Author: Nigel Lampert
Vol: 5Year: 1993Month: June
Category: Blacksmithing   Topic: History

Page 2 of 43 Results 25 - 48 of 1028

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