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Subject: Letter to the Editor - The Joseph Bramah Challenge Lock - The Story of the Hobbs' opening

Author: James Donaldson (m)
Vol: 29Year: 2017Month: February
Category: Letter   Topic: Lock

Subject: Letter to the Editorial committee

Description: Pine Terminology explained
Author: Cliff Walsh
Vol: 9Year: 1997Month: November
Category: Pattern Making   Topic: Wood

Subject: Letter to the Editorial committee

Description: A response to Jim Badger
Author: Mike Hendrikson
Vol: 12Year: 2000Month: August
Category: Wheelwright   Topic: Coach

Subject: Letter to the Editorial committee- Have hand tools had their day

Description: A response
Author: John Bates
Vol: 12Year: 2000Month: November
Category: History   Topic:

Subject: Letters

Description: Response to Frank Ham article.
Author: Roy Fuller
Vol: 8Year: 1996Month: November
Category: Windows   Topic: Sashes

Subject: Letters

Description: A discussion on "Wilson"
Vol: 9Year: 1997Month: August
Category: Plane   Topic: Wilson

Subject: Letters in respose to Shipwrights Adze?

Description: 2 responses
Vol: 12Year: 2000Month: November
Category: Adze   Topic: Ships

Subject: Letters to the Editor

Description: Various Responses
Vol: 18Year: 2006Month: August
Category: Replies   Topic:

Subject: Letters to the Editor

Description: Various items
Vol: 18Year: 2006Month: November
Category: Scales   Topic:

Subject: Letters to the Editor

Description: Tools in Sport Responses
Vol: 19Year: 2007Month: May
Category:    Topic:

Subject: Letters to the Editor

Description: Some responses to previous articles
Vol: 19Year: 2007Month: November
Category: Letter   Topic: Response

Subject: Letters to the Editor

Description: Responses to Mystery stool/bench
Vol: 20Year: 2008Month: May
Category: Letter   Topic: Stool

Subject: Library Additions detailed

Description: Catalogue Details Pre 1940
Author: Kees Klep
Vol: 2Year: 1990Month: December
Category: Book   Topic: Library

Subject: Lightning Resposes

Description: Some thoughts on Electric Current
Author: Warren Hewertson
Vol: 21Year: 2009Month: August
Category: Chemistry   Topic: Faraday

Subject: Lim Kee Tye and the "Little Lon" Cabinetmakers

Description: Conference Presentation March 2004
Author: John Leckey
Vol: 16Year: 2004Month: May
Category: Cabinetmaking   Topic: Lim Kee Tye

Subject: Long Lost Junk or Discarded Treasure

Description: A collectors story
Author: Jim Donaldson
Vol: 13Year: 2001Month: November
Category: Collecting   Topic:

Subject: Looking at the Collections of Others

Description: A way of sharing & Learning
Author: Jim Donaldson
Vol: 15Year: 2003Month: May
Category: Collecting   Topic:

Subject: LUFKIN Tape Rules

Author: Graeme Plaw (m)
Vol: 25Year: 2013Month: November
Category: Tape Rule   Topic: Lufkin

Subject: Lysaght's Referee: An Ideal Guide for 'Just about Anybody who's handy with the contents of a Toolbox'

Author: Allan Willingham
Vol: 24Year: 2012Month: November
Category: Reference   Topic: Lysaght's

Subject: Maintenance of Sheep Shearing equipment

Description: Hand Tools used
Author: Jim Donaldson
Vol: 14Year: 2002Month: May
Category: Shear   Topic: Sheep

Subject: Makeshifts

Description: A 1925 publication reviewed
Author: Laurie Lewis
Vol: 18Year: 2006Month: May
Category: Kerosine   Topic:

Subject: Making an English Coach - Part 2

Description: Part 2
Author: Jim Badger
Vol: 12Year: 2000Month: May
Category: Coach   Topic: History

Subject: Making Jewellery an Art or Craft?

Description: Tools & Processes
Author: Peter McBride
Vol: 14Year: 2002Month: November
Category: Skills   Topic: Jewellery

Subject: Making Musical Instruments - A disappearing Craft.

Description: Talk to the Monthly Meeting
Author: Johnn C Dale
Vol: 10Year: 1998Month: August
Category: Musical   Topic: Instruments

Page 18 of 43 Results 409 - 432 of 1028

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