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Antique & Collectable Hand Tool Market

The next Antique & Collectable Hand Tool Market will be held on Sunday 12th December 2021 9am to 2:30pm.

National Steam Centre
1200 Ferntree Gully Rd Scoresby.

Sellers are HTPAA members only and members of the public are welcome.
Entry is $5 per person.

COVID-19 rules as applicable at the time will apply.

Directory of Australian Tool Makers

This online database is based on the database compiled by HTPAA member Rod Thomas and published in 2001 as a printed directory by Rod (Directory of Australian Tool Manufacturers & Makers ©2006 Rod Thomas, ISBN 0 9579110 1 7).

As well as Rod Thomas, HTPAA thanks all those who have supplied additional information to add to the database and welcomes additional contributions of historical information.

If you can add any further information on Australian manufacturers or branded suppliers to either extend or correct existing entries, add new entries or contribute images of makers' marks, please make contact with us via the Australian Maker's Database Update form.

(Note: spaces and full stops make a difference to search - if not found try variations or search by first letter below.)

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Order by:  Mark Maker State Date Added
Mark Maker Products Image
P & H P & H Tools Inside and outside callipers thumb
P & R ASSEMBLERS Wire strainer, copy of Reids TITAN (NZ) thumb
P & S 6" spring dividers thumb
P & N Patience & Nicholson Pty Ltd Drills, taps, dies, etc - per main database thumb
P. & L. WELDED PRODUCTS P & L Welded Products Fabricated engineers vices thumb
P. P. B. logo P.P.B.Steel Products Pty Ltd Hacksaw, bandsaw blades and edge tools thumb
P.C.H. P. C. Hallstrom Engineers bearing scraper thumb
P.C.M. Miller cyclone Miller Cyclone Forgings Pty Ltd Hand forged axes, various hammer, pliers thumb
P.K. Bench vice thumb
P.T. P.T.Industries Pty Ltd G clamps, toggle clamps, wrenches etc thumb
PACEMAKER Pacemaker Engineering Drill stands, plastic, different colours and models, imp - metric - letters thumb
PACIFIC MEM TOOLS SYDNEY Metal Equipment Manufacturers Pty Ltd 9" metal smoother, No 5 jack thumb
PAG Paul and Gray Pty Ltd thumb
PARBURY HENTY Parbury Henty & Co Pty Ltd Breast & Hand drills thumb
PARCO Parco (A/asia) Company Pliers, spanners - "high quality tools" thumb
PAREX Litchfield Engineering Co Ltd G clamps, tinsnips, secateurs, scissors and shears thumb
PARK & LACEY Swivel base / jaws Vice thumb
PARRAMAT William Henry Matthews Hand tools being goods in this class (8) thumb
PARSONS A.E.Parsons Insrument Maker Sighting level - brass 15cm long, 300ft Surveyors tape thumb
PARSONS A.E.Parsons Insrument Maker Device - wood etc thumb
PASTORAL SUPPLIES Pastoral Supplies Animal ear punch thumb
PAUL & GRAY Paul and Gray Pty Ltd thumb
PAULCALL Paul's Pty Ltd (merchants) - Paul's Hardware, who had two retail outlets in Sydney CBD. The company eventually went belly up in the early eighties, with several managers getting together to form a new company called Ebson, but were into sales only, no manufacturing. (Source: https://www.woodworkforums.com/archive/index.php/t-182452.html). Roofing punch, drillstand, "G" clamps, sashclamp ends, bricklayers line spike, pipe clamps, screwdrivers, bandsaws, table saws and jointers. thumb
PAULCALL CENTURION Paul's Pty Ltd (merchants) Hand tools and instruments Hacksaw thumb
PAULCO Paul's Pty Ltd (merchants) Garden and domestic tools including claw hammers, files, hatchets and axes. Impact Driver thumb

Page 1 of 3 Results 1 - 25 of 69

This database has been developed by the HTPAA as a useful reference for collectors, interested tool owners and researchers seeking more information about historic Australian tool manufactuers and suppliers and their products.

This online version has been added to progressively by HTPAA members, members of similar interest groups and from members of the public with special interest in tools. and now holds many more entries. Information has been gleaned from various publications such as: catalogues, brochures, newspapers, magazines, from advertising material and packaging and the Internet. In particular, much information has been acquired from the Intellectual Property Office namely: patents, trademarks, registered designs, principles, addresses and dates.

As well as Rod Thomas, HTPAA thanks all those who have supplied additional information to add to the database and welcomes additional contributions of historical information.

Please note the HTPAA is not connected to any trade groups or organizations, so information about current manufacturers and suppliers should be sourced by the enquirer from trade journals, phone books, libraries or online. The HTPAA does not have a retail business so offers of tools from makers are pointless, as are requests to source tools or components. The HTPAA does maintain a collection of historic tools and welcomes donations of such.