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This online database is based on the database compiled by HTPAA member Rod Thomas and published in 2001 as a printed directory by Rod (Directory of Australian Tool Manufacturers & Makers ©2006 Rod Thomas, ISBN 0 9579110 1 7).

As well as Rod Thomas, HTPAA thanks all those who have supplied additional information to add to the database and welcomes additional contributions of historical information.

If you can add any further information on Australian manufacturers or branded suppliers to either extend or correct existing entries, add new entries or contribute images of makers' marks, please make contact with us via the Australian Maker's Database Update form.

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Mark Maker Products Image
B.H.F. Butt, single and dual stem marking gauges, wood levels, die cast drillstand thumb
B.K. Bradford Kendall Ltd Anvils 7 - 448 lb, blacksmiths leg vices thumb
B.V.CLAMP xxORVIC ENG CO Multi sized flaring block, screw loading thumb
BAGOT Bagot Mills Pty Ltd Claw hammer handle - spotted gum thumb
BAKER William John Baker

Lawyers bodkin, vetinaries' surgical kit, animal's ear marker, dagging outfit

BALFALLOY The Eagle & Globe Steel Co Ltd Machine knives & cutting tools thumb
BAND RENCH Made in Australia Band Rench metal strapping wrench thumb
BANNER Turner Industries Ltd Turner-Lufkin Long measuring tapes thumb
BARGER Wm. G. Barger - Soho Foundry Co Spanners as used with Implements thumb
BARIN A.E.Nicholls Barin machine tools thumb
BARKER Barker Bros. Plane blades, carving chisels, knifes, chip carving tools, etc thumb
BARNET ? made for Barnett Glass Vulcanising Clamp, made for Barnett Glass thumb
BEAR Bear Norton Pty Ltd Slip stone - packeted thumb
BEAUMONT G.M.Beumont Small compass plane approx 4" in lengh made of Aus blackwood thumb
BEER Harold J. Beer Vice Grip thumb
BENBOW J. C. Benbow Ltd Pressed metal ringspanners, stud extractor, machine tools. Flaremaker flaring tools thumb
BENCHMATE Dowelling Jig - Aus invented and made thumb
BENNET G.S.Bennett (Aust) Trowels thumb
BENTLEY Bentley Manufacturing Company Cement sheet cutters (two sizes), Floor Cramps etc, belt sanding attatchment for electric drill thumb
BERGER Paint tin opener thumb
BERGS Bergs Aust.Tools Pty Ltd Wooden planes and other woodworking tools thumb
BESTA Beck & Coram Pty Ltd - Merchant Bicycle blockspanner thumb
BETTA Revolutionary Clamping Device thumb
BETTA BRUSHWARE Betta Brushware Pty Ltd Wire Brushes thumb
BIRCO Birco Electric Manufacturers Electric Soldering Irons thumb
BKC British Knife Company Limited Saws, strippers, putty and glazing knives, pocket knives, secateurs thumb
BLACK & DECKER Black & Decker (A'sia) Pty Ltd Many electric hand tools and accesories thumb
BLACKEDGE Columbia & Cumberland Carpenter's pencil thumb
BLACKJET Patience & Nicholson Pty Ltd Hand tools thumb
BLAKELEY 1 W.H.Blakeley & Co Saws, plane blades, etc (saw doctor) thumb
BLAKELEY 2 W.H.Blakeley Knife & Saw Co P. L. thumb
BLAKELEY 3 W.H.Blakeley Industrial Knifes Pty. Ltd. Paper, food and recycling knives thumb
BLAKELEY & HARTLEY Hand saw, 1" (Gilpin patent) wood bit thumb
BLUE MOUNTAIN L.J.Orta & Pty Ltd Melbourne Adze handle thumb
BLUE SEAL Turner Industries Ltd Shovels and garden tools thumb
BLUEFLASH Hytest Axe & Tool Pty Ltd Axes thumb
BOMBA Bomba Products Dressers - emery wheel thumb
BONSER Hely Brothers Pty Limited Tool handles of wood, hatchets, etc thumb
BOOMAROO(logo) Artlay Manufacturing Company Hand tools and instruments thumb
BOOMERANG Open end spanners thumb
BOOSTER The Booster Mfg Co Scaffold Brackets thumb
BORAL CYCLONE Cyclone Hardware Pty Ltd Extensive range thumb
BORAL FROST TOOLS Cyclone Hardware Pty Ltd Extensive range thumb
BORAL P & N CUTTING TOOLS Cyclone Hardware Pty Ltd Extensive range, and turning chisels thumb
BORAL TROJAN PRODUCTS Cyclone Hardware Pty Ltd Extensive range thumb
BORCH Hacksaw frame thumb
BOTH Both Equipment Limited The Both Drillsaw - Jigsaw, electric drill attachment thumb
BOW Barry Youd Racing Axes only thumb
BOWES Bowes & Co Ltd Rubber sanding disc 4 1/2" thumb
BOWMASTER Bowthorpe Australia Pty Ltd Hand tools and implements, hand operated thumb
BOWSAW Bowsaw Tool Co - Ray Ingold Bronze and stainless steel block planes similar to 101 thumb
BOYDCO Boyd Chambers & Co Lettering Guide, Radius Curve thumb
BOYLE Animal ear punch thumb
BRADES Cyclone under licence 7 lb (short handled) sledge, 3 1/2 lb axe head thumb
BRAMMER T. Brammer Chip carving knife/leather working, "bag" knife thumb
BRANDT Brandt Bros Small cylindrical spirit lamp thumb
BRAY, RICHARD Richard Bray Multiple blade woodworking plane Pat App 9482/22 accep 2/5/1923 thumb
BREECHLOK Turner Industries Ltd Screwdrivers under Licence to Booth Developments (NZ) Ltd thumb
BRERETON L. Brereton & Sons Glass - circle cutter ? thumb
BRITEX 12" steel rule thumb
BRITISH KNIFE British Knife Co Ltd Back Saw, pruning saw, nest of saws thumb
BRITISH TUBE MILLS British Tube Mills (Aust) Pty Ltd Apollo - Tube / box spanners, spanners & sets thumb
BRONZEWING Hacksaws (Aust) Pty Ltd Small pistol shaped hacksaw frame, hacksaw blades (acquired by Turner Industries 1957) thumb
BRONZEWING Turner Industries Ltd Hacksaw blades thumb
BROOKEADES Brook Eades Pty Ltd corner plumbing device - metal angle section with horizontal flat bubble thumb
BROOKES W.A.Lyndon Warranted Soxxxx Mortice Axe thumb
BROOKES & NOBLE Brookes & Noble Poss. merchant Granny's Tooth - open mouth - wood, moulding plane thumb
BROOKVALE Roe ? Black nylon rules thumb
BROOSE H.D.Broose & Co Hand Crank Bench Grinder thumb
BROWN Sunshine Technical Works Builder's Plumb Bob Stand thumb
Brown & Son Brown & Son Entrenching mattock dated 1917, Melbourne thumb
Brown & Son Brown & Son Entrenching mattock dated 1917, Melbourne thumb
Brown & Son Melbourne Brown & Son Entrenching mattock, dated 1917 thumb
BROWNE Browne Tool Co Black plastic - Stanley type knife thumb
BRUSH & DRUMMOND Brush & Drummond - or for B&D by ? Parallel Rule thumb
BULGIN LP gas torch and Equipment thumb
BULLDOG Kelly & Lewis ( Bulldog Tractor ) spanners and wreches thumb
BUNCLE John Buncle & Son Ltd G clamps, o/e spanners thumb
BUNN Alan Bunn Copies Stanley No 1 and No 74, etc, small numbers thumb
BURNS Knives - marking, joiners thumb
BUSM British United Shoe Machinery Leather Scive (Small machine) spanners - also marked WRH L thumb
BYSOUTH W.Bysouth Patented detatchable handle shovel, pick etc (4) thumb

Results 1 - 82 of 82

This database has been developed by the HTPAA as a useful reference for collectors, interested tool owners and researchers seeking more information about historic Australian tool manufactuers and suppliers and their products.

This online version has been added to progressively by HTPAA members, members of similar interest groups and from members of the public with special interest in tools. and now holds many more entries. Information has been gleaned from various publications such as: catalogues, brochures, newspapers, magazines, from advertising material and packaging and the Internet. In particular, much information has been acquired from the Intellectual Property Office namely: patents, trademarks, registered designs, principles, addresses and dates.

As well as Rod Thomas, HTPAA thanks all those who have supplied additional information to add to the database and welcomes additional contributions of historical information.

Please note the HTPAA is not connected to any trade groups or organizations, so information about current manufacturers and suppliers should be sourced by the enquirer from trade journals, phone books, libraries or online. The HTPAA does not have a retail business so offers of tools from makers are pointless, as are requests to source tools or components. The HTPAA does maintain a collection of historic tools and welcomes donations of such.