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This online database is based on the database compiled by HTPAA member Rod Thomas and published in 2001 as a printed directory by Rod (Directory of Australian Tool Manufacturers & Makers ©2006 Rod Thomas, ISBN 0 9579110 1 7).

As well as Rod Thomas, HTPAA thanks all those who have supplied additional information to add to the database and welcomes additional contributions of historical information.

If you can add any further information on Australian manufacturers or branded suppliers to either extend or correct existing entries, add new entries or contribute images of makers' marks, please make contact with us via the Australian Maker's Database Update form.

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Mark Maker Products Image
D. C. M. Union Abrasives Pty Ltd Combination sharpening stone thumb
D.C. logo Albert Churcher & S.R.Delmont Ltd Graduated measuring tools and instruments thumb
D.O.T. Dillon Oxy Torch Pty Ltd Oxy welding kit thumb
D.T.F. 2" & 4" 'G' clamp, 1" boiler makers clamp thumb
DALSON Dalson String line holder thumb
DANARM Danarm Pty Ltd All types of saws included in this class 8 thumb
DANDENONG Cyclone under licence 4 1/2 lb Axe head, Axes, including the "Dandenong" thumb

wood joiners

DANFORGE Daniel Forge Tool Co Range automotive per catalogues thumb
DANIEL FORGE Daniel Forge Tool Co Range automotive per catalogues thumb
DANIEL HARVEY Daniel Harvey Ltd Small and large o/e spanners, implement thumb
DARLTON 1 Prymace Engineering Co Pty Ltd Darlton blow lamps, brazing lamps, soldering irons thumb
DARLTON 2 Darlton Products Pty Ltd Blowlamps, enginelamps, brazinglamps, soldering butts thumb
DARLTON 3 Commonwealth Metallic Pty Ltd Shellite Speedy Stripper, shellite soldering iron thumb
DAVE FOSTER Dave Foster Racing Axes (foundry Sydney) thumb
DAVIE T.M.Davie & Co (merchant) Moulding planes, saw, several other items - by various makers thumb
DAVIS Davis Industries Australia Car tyre pump thumb
DAVLECO Davleco Eng & Manfg Co Pty Ltd D78, D40 = nickel and paint versions ( Planes, saw vices )? thumb
DAWN The Dawn Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd Clamps, riddles, winches, drill press, range of vices etc - and other metal products (acquired from The Stanley Works 1997) thumb
DAWN The Stanley Works Pty Ltd Vice and other metal products (acquired from SIDDONS Industries Ltd 1991) thumb
DAWN Siddon Industries Ltd Vice and other metal products (acquired from G N Raymond 1973) thumb
DAWN G N Raymond Pty Ltd Vice and other metal products (purchased from BLAKE Bros 1959) thumb
DEADRIGHT Quick adjusting woodenclamp (instrument makers clamp) thumb
DECAL Die Casters Pty Ltd Force feed oil cans thumb
DENMAN & ROBINSON 1 Denman & Robinson Pty Ltd Saws, files thumb
DENMAN & ROBINSON 2 Denman & Robinson Supercut Ind. Industrial saws and machine knives thumb
DENSIFIED WOODS Densified Woods Pty Ltd Tool handles thumb
DENYER Denyer Brothers Veterinary Instruments & Supplies, dehorning pliers thumb
DERRETT John Derrett Miniatures woodworking planes etc thumb
DI -CON 1 Die Casters Pty Ltd Hand tools and instruments thumb
DI -CON 2 Spinway Industries Pty Ltd Hand tools and instruments thumb
DI -CON 3 Spurway Industries Pty Ltd Hand tools and instruments, SR1 pop riveter thumb
DIACO in flat diamond Mindrill Limited Cutting and Drilling tools thumb
DIAJET Diamond & Boart Products (Aus) PtyLtd Hand tools and instruments inclusive of handdrills and bits, also machine tools thumb
DIAMOND W Cement Hand Tool Company Cement working tools Edger, 6 groove step, various jointers thumb
DIGADOO Counterpart Engineering High quality garden and related tools thumb
DIGGER Grays Pty Ltd Picks, hoes, rakes, spades, shovels, forks, etc thumb
DILLON Dillon Oxy Torch Pty Ltd Oxy welding kit thumb
DIMAC Acme Engineering Co Pty Ltd Hand tools having a cutting edge, also machines and machine tools and parts thumb
DIMAC Dudgeon Industries Pty Ltd Machine tool accessories and machine tooling thumb
DINGO Spanner thumb
DISS A. E. Diss & Sons Pin punches, tap wrench, engineers clamp thumb
DISSTON H. K. Porter Australia Pty Ltd Fret saw, hand saws, bowsaws, Diss-chrome circular saws, etc thumb
DISSTON 5 Henry Disston & Sons Inc. (Austr) Ltd thumb
DIXBRO Dixbo Ltd Industrial power and Hand brushes thumb
DIXON E. Dixon & Co Wire Brushes thumb
DOMAX 0 - 1/2" three jaw drill chuck thumb
DONAGHY M Donaghy & Sons Pty Ltd bricklayer's line - nylon thumb
DONALD Donald Patents Ltd Wire Strainer thumb
DONSWOOD Donnswood Hammer handle thumb
DOUGLAS J. P. Douglas Punch - leather heel thumb
DOUGLAS & WILSON Douglas & Wilson 3" wide gouge, ? for leather thumb
DOWELL Warren and Brown Pty Ltd Tension Wrench thumb
DOWIDAT 6" Adjustable Wrench, 14" Stillsons, o/e spanners, multi grips thumb
DREADNOUGHT The Titan Manufacturing Co Wire Strainer thumb
DRILL - EASY Atlas Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd Hand drills, including masonry thumb
DU - ALL Peters & Peters Slate sharpening stone thumb
DUCO Balm Paints Pty Ltd Fountain pen like instrument for applying touch up paints thumb
DUFOR Duly & Hansford Limited NSW Socket with wrench - sets in metal boxes, ring & o/e spanners, ratchet wrench, socket sets thumb
DUIGAN Reginald Charles Duigan Wire Strainer, also improved tube spanner pat 4570/31 thumb
DULY & HANSFORD Duly & Hansford Pty Ltd Pliers thumb
DUMB-BELL Albert William Dumbrell Moulder's tools, trowels, plasterers tools thumb
DUPE H Dupe Diestock, brass and steel constuction thumb
DURAFIT 6 size socket set - 3/16" to 1/2" WW thumb
DURHAM No 2 Metal block plane (similar 110) thumb
DURHAM 1 Die cast Blockspanner - dumbell / dogbone type - Bicycle Wrench thumb
DURHAM 2 No 2 Metal block plane (similar 110) small vice marked Durham (not marked Aus) thumb
DURST Durst Motor & Electric Ind. Ltd, Sydney, since 1918 8 inch elec bench grinder thumb
DYSON 4" 'G' Clamp thumb

Results 1 - 70 of 70

This database has been developed by the HTPAA as a useful reference for collectors, interested tool owners and researchers seeking more information about historic Australian tool manufactuers and suppliers and their products.

This online version has been added to progressively by HTPAA members, members of similar interest groups and from members of the public with special interest in tools. and now holds many more entries. Information has been gleaned from various publications such as: catalogues, brochures, newspapers, magazines, from advertising material and packaging and the Internet. In particular, much information has been acquired from the Intellectual Property Office namely: patents, trademarks, registered designs, principles, addresses and dates.

As well as Rod Thomas, HTPAA thanks all those who have supplied additional information to add to the database and welcomes additional contributions of historical information.

Please note the HTPAA is not connected to any trade groups or organizations, so information about current manufacturers and suppliers should be sourced by the enquirer from trade journals, phone books, libraries or online. The HTPAA does not have a retail business so offers of tools from makers are pointless, as are requests to source tools or components. The HTPAA does maintain a collection of historic tools and welcomes donations of such.