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This online database is based on the database compiled by HTPAA member Rod Thomas and published in 2001 as a printed directory by Rod (Directory of Australian Tool Manufacturers & Makers ©2006 Rod Thomas, ISBN 0 9579110 1 7).

As well as Rod Thomas, HTPAA thanks all those who have supplied additional information to add to the database and welcomes additional contributions of historical information.

If you can add any further information on Australian manufacturers or branded suppliers to either extend or correct existing entries, add new entries or contribute images of makers' marks, please make contact with us via the Australian Maker's Database Update form.

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Mark Maker Products Image
M.H. = Massey Harris Spanners and wrenches for tractors and implements thumb
M.H.S. Massey Harris (Sunshine) Motor wrench D^D thumb
M.S.S. The Melbourne Saw Manuf. Co P/L circular saw blades thumb
M.T.R James McEwan & Co Pty Ltd - Merchant Coffin smoother, 1/2"sidebead, dado moulding planes, small framesaw, stop chamfer plane thumb
MACSON McPherson's Proprietary Limited Edge tools all kinds, spanners, engineers vices, cold chisels assorted, machinery, lathe tools and spanners for same thumb
MAGPIE Titan Manf Co ? Wire strainer, improved thumb
MAJESTIC Dis.by Majestic Products Limited Razor blade small diecast plane, adjustable hobby vice, all purpose sharpener thumb
MAJOR F & R Tough Chrome plated all metal braces - 10",12",14" ratchet thumb
MALCO Malco Engineering Pty Ltd 8" 'G' clamps, concrete forming tools thumb
MALCO Malleable Castings Pty Ltd Drum hand pump and plug wrench (bung spanner) and other spanners and wrenches thumb
MALCO Malco Engineering Pty Ltd 2 1/2", 4", 5" & 8" 'G' Clamps, Concrete forming tools, axe handle protector thumb
MALLEYS Malleys Ltd Metal Tool Boxes thumb
MALVIN Malvin Engineering Co Pty Ltd Circular saw blades thumb
MANN John Mann 28" mahogany & brass (surveyors) level, brass sliding bevel thumb
MAO Cecil E. Mayo Pty Limited Braces (ratchet & plain), T type wrenches, plumb bobs, trammels, hand/breast drills, marking gauges thumb
MAR - CO Steel tape measure (self marking) thumb
MARBUT Marbut Forged Axes Axe, brass backed tenon saw, thumb
MARBUT Marbut Engineering Proprietary Ltd Axes, adzes and chisles, also engineering items per 88972 class 6 thumb
MARDON Roe Mardon ? ME36 black nylon ruler 4 fold thumb
MARKRITE Sidchrome Tape measure - pat pend thumb
MARMAC Marsden & McGain Breast drill thumb
MARMAN Martin & Manning Pty Ltd No 240 - 24" alloy level, line level (black plastic - metal ends), 8" bakelite - green level, crosscut saw, sharpening guide thumb
MARSDEN Lysaght Works Limited Saws hand and circular, machettes, knives, small tools thumb
MARSDEN & McGAIN Marsden & McGain Pty Ltd Breast drills thumb
MARSON Marson Products (Australia) Pty Ltd Pop rivert hand pliers HP-2 and HP-4 thumb
MARTINMAKERS Martinmakers Tap reseater thumb
MAS Sydney ? C spanner for Storz couplings thumb
MASONITE Masonite Corporation Pty Limited (for) Alloy chamfer plane, assorted masonite working tools thumb
MASPRO Maspro Industries PtyLtd Hand tools and instruments thumb
MASPRO Maspro Clips for wire netting - closing pliers thumb
MASSEY FERGUSON Massey Ferguson Spanners and wrenches for implements and tractors thumb
MASSEY HARRIS Massey Harris Co Ltd Spanners and wrenches for implements and tractors thumb
MASSEY HARRIS FERGUSON Massey Harris Ferguson Spanners and wrenches for implements and tractors thumb
MASTER Cecil E. Mayo Pty Limited Try / mitre squares - cast iron handles thumb
MASTER The Stanley Works Pty Ltd Auger bits, boring tools etc thumb
MASTER FINISH A.G.Pulie Plasters floats, concretors floats edgers etc thumb
MASTER TOOL Dufre Products Pty Limited Much including hand tools, per (548388 class 8) thumb
MATADOR Beck & Coram Pty Ltd - Merchant Similar to Becon thumb
MATTHEWS G.A.Matthews Plumb Bobs thumb
MAY BROS or MAYS May Bros Farm machinery, harvesters, spanners for same thumb
MAYO Cecil E. Mayo Pty Ltd Drill gauges, hand & breast drills, thumb
Mc E Mc E ?? - Albury Horses hoof shave / knife thumb
Mc E Mc E ?? Horses hoof shave / knife thumb
McCONNELL (Robert) McConnell Inventions Many Patents - several variations metal plane, drill bits, vice etc thumb
McCULLOCH McCulloch Chain saw file, sharpening jig/guide - No 90607A thumb
McDONALD W. McDonald Handles thumb
McEWAN James McEwan & Co Pty Ltd - Merchant Hand tools including socket sets, multigrips pliers and adjustable spanners, o/e spanners thumb
McGAIN John McGain Machine vices Wringers Vice No 234 thumb
McILMOUR Stonemasons axe thumb
McINTOSH Clive McIntosh Log marking hammer - cast thumb
McKAY H.V.McKay 12" Bolt cutters, cane cutter, billhook, spanners & wrenches thumb
McKAY 1 McKay Brothers thumb
McKAY 2 McKay Harvesting & Machinery Co thumb
McKAY 3 H.V.McKay Sunshine Harvester Works 12" Bolt Cutters, Cane cutter/Billhook thumb
McKAY MASSEY HARRIS H V McKay Massey Harris P/L Spanners and wrenches for tractors & implements thumb
McKAY MASSEY HARRIS McKay Massey Harris Pty Ltd Augers, earth - post hole thumb
McKAY, H.V. H.V.McKay, Hugh V McKay (Sunshine) Spanners and wrenches for implements and tractors, twist wire handled monkey wrench thumb
McKENZIE & HOLLAND McKenzie & Holland (Aust) Pty Ltd Spanners for Railway signalling equipment(A Foundry) thumb
McLAREN 1 Jas McLaren Coffin shaped (open and closed handles) and parallel sided wood infill planes, smoothers, all blackwood thumb
McLAREN 2 Jas McLaren Small narrow shoulder plane inscribed J McLaren Nov 1891 & larger shoulder plane with round mark - thumb
McPHERSON McPherson's Ltd Machine Vices, Lathe tools, spanners marked "MACSON" thumb
MECO Metro Engineering Co Morticing drill / chisel attatchment thumb
MECO Reg.Harrison Pty Ltd Motor, engineering and hardware hand tools with cutting edges wadpunch 286, 289,Brake lining clamp, star nut brake tool, brake spring pliers, M340 clip pliers, 3/4" cold chisel thumb
MEDISHIELD The Commonwealth Industrial Gases Ltd Welding Goggles (Oxy) thumb
Melb Saw Mnfg Co Pty Ltd The Melb Saw Mnfg Co Pty Ltd Circular saw blade thumb
MELBOURNE MOTOR BODY Melbourne Motor Body Co G clamp thumb
MELBSAW The Melbourne Saw Co Pty Ltd Circular saw blades thumb
MELTO C. W. Graham Hacksaw frames, 'G' clamps thumb
MEM Metal Equipment Manufacturers Pty Ltd Fastgrip spanner, tinsnips, multigrips, hammers, shears - bench planes - "Pacific MEM" thumb
METAL EQUIPMENT MANUF Metal Equipment Manufacturers Pty Ltd 9" metal smoother, No 5 jack, tinsnips and fast grip spanners, handvices thumb
METAL PROCESSORS Metal Processors Limited Claw,ballpien,joiners,crosspein Hammers (Manufactured under American License) thumb
METAL SPECIALITIES Metal Specialities Co Spanner sets thumb
METALCRAFT Metalcraft Engineering Co Pty Ltd Braces, hand/breast/push drills, trowels, hammers - Made for Silex Mit-A-Mit thumb
METALCRAFT logo Die Casters Pty Ltd thumb
METALCRAFT logo Spurway Industries Pty Ltd thumb
METRO Metro Engineering Co Meco Morticing attatchment thumb
METTERS Metters KFB Pty Ltd Lead Pots, solder moulds, wire strainers thumb
MEZURALL Turner Industries Ltd Tapes - measuring thumb
MEZURMATIC Turner Industries Ltd Tapes - measuring thumb
MICARBO Soft face hammer - alloy handle, nylon faces thumb
MICRO-SET The Sutton Tool & Gauge Mfg Pty Ltd Adjustable reamer (parallel) thumb
MICRON Micron Products Pty Ltd Metal shear attachment for electric drill thumb
MIDDLETON G. Middleton & Co Quick Sight Level, Sash plane, dado plane, set round & hollows Atkin & Son etc thumb
MILLER J.P.Miller Wad punch - elongated hole thumb
MILLER James Miller Rope gauge, boxwood, anchor trademark thumb
MILLER Miller - Cyclone Racing axe marked "Handforged for Ralph Cornwall" and on reverse "Handforged by P.C.Miller" thumb
MILLER CYCLONE Miller Cyclone Forgings Pty Ltd Hand forged axes, adze eye, ball pean, shoe maker, panel beaters, upholsterers hammer, pliers thumb
MILLER, Cameron C.R.Miller Planes Specialist planes, spoke shaves, chisels, marking gauges & clamps thumb
MILLERCHIP J.Millerchip & Sons Pty Ltd Plumbers stock & dies, pipecutters & vices thumb
MINDRILL Mindrill Ltd, McKay Qld 18 in Ridgid type plumbers / mining wrench, heavy duty, made in Australia thumb
MINIMAX Beck & Coram Pty Ltd - Merchant Screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, spanners, grinders, punches, hammers, rules, awls, cutters, drills, saws thumb
MINIMAX PRECISION TOOLS Beck & Coram Pty Ltd - Merchant (per catalogue) thumb
MINOR F & R Tough Bakelite handles braces, ratchet & non ratchet thumb
MINTERN Mintern Products P/L Richmond Block & o/e No 3 Spanner, implement spanners, Shovel, long handled, hand plough. thumb
MINTERN & BREHAUT Mintern & Brehaut Pty Ltd Ag machinery thumb
MIT-A-MIT No25+26R (ratchet )handdrills, 40 heavy handdrill, 45+50+55 breastdrill, 52 benchdrill, No 75 - 10", No 80 - 10" & 12", No 85 - 10" (plain), possibly No 100 - 10", 12" & 14" carpenters braces thumb
MITCHELL Thos. Mitchell & Co Pty Ltd Brush manufacturers thumb
MITER - MASTER L.G.Pimblett Combination - Miter marking out-dowel & drill diameter gauge-marking gauge thumb
MODEL Sliding bevel thumb
MOFFAT VIRTUE Spanner for shearing equipment & stationary engines thumb
MONARCH Metal Equipment Manufacturers Pty Ltd Handtools, hammers, pliers etc thumb
MONKEY Trewhalla Bros Pty Ltd Wire strainers & other fencing tools, jacks thumb
MOORE Dog bone wire strainer thumb
MORLEY Lawn mower sharpener thumb
MORLEY PRODUCTS Morley Products Drainpipe cleaner thumb
MORRIS Morris Manufacturing Co 7/8" sidebead, round moulder, coffin smoother and complex moulding plane (all Beech) thumb
MUMME H W Mumme 1" cold chisel, plugging chisel thumb
MUMME Mumme Products PtyLtd Cold & plugging chisles, roof punch, wrecking & podger bars, crow & pinch bars, file handles thumb
MUNRO Munro Engineers Pty Ltd Shearers handpiece screwdriver thumb
MURNANE John Joseph Murnane Wire Strainer thumb
MURRUMBURRAH S spanner - blacksmith made - possibly from the town or station of that name in NSW thumb
MYER Assume Myers Melbourne Bedstead Spanner thumb
MYERS Myers & Co Pty Ltd Cattle marking pliers (and brands), dies, steel stamps thumb

Results 1 - 113 of 113

This database has been developed by the HTPAA as a useful reference for collectors, interested tool owners and researchers seeking more information about historic Australian tool manufactuers and suppliers and their products.

This online version has been added to progressively by HTPAA members, members of similar interest groups and from members of the public with special interest in tools. and now holds many more entries. Information has been gleaned from various publications such as: catalogues, brochures, newspapers, magazines, from advertising material and packaging and the Internet. In particular, much information has been acquired from the Intellectual Property Office namely: patents, trademarks, registered designs, principles, addresses and dates.

As well as Rod Thomas, HTPAA thanks all those who have supplied additional information to add to the database and welcomes additional contributions of historical information.

Please note the HTPAA is not connected to any trade groups or organizations, so information about current manufacturers and suppliers should be sourced by the enquirer from trade journals, phone books, libraries or online. The HTPAA does not have a retail business so offers of tools from makers are pointless, as are requests to source tools or components. The HTPAA does maintain a collection of historic tools and welcomes donations of such.

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