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Turner Industries Ltd Tools

The Turner story had a lifespan of only 35 years. It began in April 1935 and closed on the 30th of November 1970, when Stanley Titan acquired the business, and either absorbed or ceased to manufacture the Turner products from that date.

In 1935, Rene William Turner aged 27 years, formed a small company, trading as "Moderne Handles Company" in Chapel Street in South Yarra, Melbourne, with a staff of three people. By 1966, the Company, now named Turner Industries Ltd, employed 1100 people.

Turner acquired the patterns and details of its plane lines from Pope Products Ltd in Adelaide. The Pope (& Falcon) line of planes were a copy of the Stanley USA range. Turner redesigned the planes and introduced a unbreakable "Red Cellulose Acetate" front & rear handle, matching their screwdriver line. Some of the tools produced were as follows: screwdrivers, carpenters' planes, hammers, hacksaw frames, holesaws, levels, trimming knives, tape measures, washing machines, lawn mowers, clothes driers, air conditioners, locks and door furniture and garden tools.

The Turner Carpenters' plane product range was as follows:

Turner Planes No. 220 No. 4 No. 4 1/2 No. 5 No. 5 1/2 No. 6 No. 7


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