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Mystery Tools and Gadgets - Part 4

Visitors are invited to provide information (substantiated where possible) as to the name and purpose of items displayed here. If you can shed further light on any of the unanswered questions simply email

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Whatsit No. 61 - handle on

Whatsit No. 61 - handle off

No. 61

This Whatsit is thought to be a clamp or press or at least part of one. It is assumed the lugs fit into something else though why there are 4 lugs isn't obvious.

Whatsit YVMPS 1

Whatsit YVMPS 2

No. 62

This Whatsit is from the master of unusual objects Russell Sebire who brought it along to the HTPAA display at the Draught Horse & YesterYear Festival at Mont De Lancey. Russell usually knows his odd things but this one has defied him. If you can identify it for us that would enable us to have one over russell for a change!